Anatomy 3D

The Human 3D Anatomy in essential parts
(up to 6000 objects) for 3d animation software,
3D CAD programs and 3d viewers (applications):
Fully Downloadable 3D Anatomy Data Sets.

There are the skull and skeleton 3d anatomy,
all the 3d digital body organs,
the heart and brain and of course
the nicely textured 3d muscles.
We will soon offer the animated heart in format .fbx,
pumping happily away for you,
ready to use in your 3d anatomy animations.

We have 3d formats for animation in 3dsMax, Maya,
Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Blender...

for more information about the human body in 3d
specialized pages for 1)Animators, 2) CAD/CAM/CAE
and last not least INTERACTIVE 3D Anatomy for Teaching !

Special discounts and EDU prices are always available.

Sorry - but we are not allowed to place a link here - if you want to see a comprehensive overview of great 3d anatomy offers, please go to -
it WILL be worth it, if only for the sake of freedom !

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The musculoskeletal system as a prime example
for the workings of 3D Anatomy.

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