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         COMPLETE   ANATOMY      
    P1 professional human 3d anatomy set     A1 simple human 3d anatomy set
    P1                  A1

    3D Heart                      
    3d heart data set     3d brain data set
                        3D Brain
    3D Hand                      
    3d hand data set      3d cardiovascular system data set
                          3D Vascular
    3D Nerves                        
    3d nerve system data set      3d spine data set
                        3D Spine
    3D Skull                        
    3d skull data set      3d skeleton data set
                         3D Skeleton
    3D Muscle                      
    3d muscles data set     3d organs data set
                        3D Organs
    3D Teeth                        
    3d dental data set      3d eyes data set
                         3D Eyes
    3D Ear                      
    3d inner ear data set     More 3d anatomical data set

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  • 3d anatomy

    A highly detailed human skull consisting of 4 parts
    (skull bones, mandibula, two rows of teeth)
    which are in two parts each) - 104.000 polygons.
    Available in formats .3ds, Lightwave, .fbx, Wavefront .obj, .stl

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